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Simone Brick and Brodie Nankervis

Who to look out for at kMR 2024

18 March 2024

Guest writers (and Salomon runners) Brodie Nankervis and Simone Brick, give us a taste of who to look out for across #kMR2024 weekend!


The runners

Meet the runners and hear their stories

15 March 2024

The field is looking very competitive for kMR 2024, especially in the Mountain Run, which is the second race in the first-ever Golden Trail National Series! Here are the stories of just some of the top runners we’ll see at kMR 2024.


Nutrition advice for the kMR Ultra Solo 66km

Nutrition advice for the kMR Ultra Solo 66km

14 March 2024

How to fuel using the aid stations and what other factors to consider. This race nutrition plan is one of many ways to fuel for this Ultra (solo) trail run. The purpose of this plan is to give you an example of how much and what to eat from each aid station.


Josh Miller, Kieser Hobart

The ONLY measure of successful training

18 January 2024

There is a plethora of training metrics we can look at to understand our current fitness and preparation for our next event. Whether you use a GPS watch, your phone, Strava, or any other platform to monitor and measure your training, we are now able to investigate in minute detail the efficiency of our training, sleep, recovery, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, VO2Max, training readiness, stress, and the list goes on.


2023 Kunanyi Mountain Run 67k ultra Montagu Thumbs

Hobart, Australia: Tasmania’s Blossoming Trail Running Hub

5 April 2023

Hobart, Tasmania, is one of Australia’s blossoming trail running hubs. Close to the southernmost point of Australia, in the south of the island state of Tasmania, the city is overlooked by the imposing 4,170-foot Mount Wellington — or kunanyi, to refer to it by its indigenous name. The rapidly growing kunanyi Mountain Run event — which this year acted as the Australian Trail Championships and the 2023 Trail and Mountain Running World Championships national team selection race.

Read the full write up by the trail running experts at iRunFar

Meriem Daoui, Credit Wilkography

Everyone should be able to run with kunanyi

4 April 2023

Canadian ultrarunner and human rights lawyer Stephanie Case once wrote: "we should not have to choose between being a badass ultrarunner and a badass mom". kMR believes that too and has a range of initiatives aimed at being as supportive to every runner (female or male, mum, dad or not) as we can.


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