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The Art Of Running by Hanny Allston

The Art Of Running by Hanny Allston

14 March 2023

Is running really as simple as we make it out to be. Of course the motion of pulling on your shoes and stepping out a door anywhere makes it appear simple. Once out the door we take one step forward, push strongly, move our other leg forward... and away we go.


Keiser running myths

Breaking down 5 myths of running

27 February 2023

What’s the best way to prepare for the Kunanyi Mountain Run? Do I stretch? Do I run every day? How do I stay hydrated? As a runner and a Exercise Physiologist, I have heard many myths and misconceptions about how to get the most out of your runs.


Hanny photo

Hanny"s advice to kMR runners

21 February 2023

I am just writing to wish you wild running success for the kunyani Mountain Run 66km solo or Teams, 25km, 5km VK or 9km ‘newby’ events which are now just 5.5 weeks away! I am sure you are currently leaning in and doing your very best to reach the start line ready, rested and eager to play & perform wilder. Therefore, today I just wanted to give you some tips and tricks to focus on over this last month of preparations.


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