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steps to kMR (by Tread)

A small group coaching, exclusively designed for women

8 weeks starting January 29 2024

Looking for motivation and perhaps run technique tips to help you on your kMR journey? Elevate your kMR experience through camaraderie and small group coaching exclusively designed for women, with ‘Steps to kMR’ (by Tread).

The 8-week program will include weekly group training sessions, course familiarity runs and race weekend support.


1. Weekly Training Sessions:

Every week, ‘Steps to kMR’ will come together for group training sessions. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced runner, the program caters to all levels. These sessions will focus on building endurance, speed, and refining your trail running technique. Beyond the physical gains, you'll also have the opportunity to form lasting friendships with fellow runners.

2. Weekend Long Runs:

Every second or third weekend, ‘Steps to kMR’ will embark on "long" runs of varying distances. The schedule is carefully planned in advance to give you ample time for preparation and anticipation. These long runs are a crucial part of your kMR journey, helping you build the stamina needed to run kunanyi’s trails.

3. Race Weekend Support and Presence:

When the big day arrives, Tread will be there to support you throughout the race weekend. The team will provide a warm and welcoming presence, offering assistance with any last-minute questions or jitters. You can count on the Tread team for start and finish line support across all run events.

About Tread

Tread Running specialises in coached running groups – designed for people looking to run in a fun, supportive and outdoor environment. There’s no judgement, it’s relaxed and inclusive.

You can be a complete beginner or an experienced runner – the only requirement is that you’ve signed up to run in one of our kMR 2024 events!

Spots are limited! Register your interest by emailing