Mountain Run 25km

1,620m±   23rd March 2024

The legendary loop

So, you’ve got some decent trail runs under your belt and you’re keen run with kunanyi and test yourself on the epic kunanyi trails we are so lucky to have on our doorstep! You’ll get plenty of steep ups and downs, plenty of technical trails to test your agility, some great flowing and very runnable sections, around nine completely different landscape types and microclimates, and heaps of amazing vistas you’ll want to stop for photos of!

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2023 Presented by:
Cascade Brewery

ITRA - 1 point

Course description

This classic summit-return mountain run takes you through aboriginal and colonial history, captivating and diverse landscapes, and along one of the most challenging and rewarding race courses you’ll ever do. Head out on Old Farm Road and Main Fire Trail before the field stretches out and you hit the single trail of the amazing Myrtle Gully Track. Skip across to Junction Cabin then up rocky Hunters Track to the Chalet. Breathtaking Organ Pipes track is the closest you’ll get to flat on this run, but then it’s hands on knees to grind out the final ascent to the pinnacle aid station via the epic Zig Zag.

To return, you’ll tackle Zig Zag in the opposite direction high fiving everyone on the way down, fly down Pinnacle to The Springs, keeping the momentum going as you get into the thick forest of Radfords and Fern Glade, which spits you out at Fern Tree Tavern and aid station. Chimney Pot Hill and Ridgeway trails take you down around the Waterworks. Time to give it all you’ve got left as you hit Huon Road, pass the famous Cascade Brewery, and hit the finish line. This is a race that’ll you’ll remember – and will be telling tales of – for the rest of your life.

With only 200 places available on this epic, diverse, unique, and challenging mountain run, this will sell out very quickly.

Check out the maps, 3D Fly through video, and other details below.

Registration fee - $165, plus booking fees - click here for full list of inclusions

Name Leg Distance Cumulative Ascent Descent
runHub (Wellesley Park) to Pinnacle 12km 12km 1,360m 220m
Pinnacle to Fern Tree 5.1km 17.1km 20m 850m
Fern Tree to runHub (Wellesley Park) 7.1km 24.2km 220m 530m
1,600m 1,600m

Course video


Please see the aid stations table below for information on support crew accessibility and drop bag options:

Aid station Distance Drop bags Additional support crew access Cut off times
Pinnacle 12km No No 2.30pm
Fern Tree 17.1km No Yes 4.30pm
runHub (Wellesley Park) 24.2km Yes Yes 7.00pm

We care about your safety whilst out there – check out the MANDATORY GEAR LIST here

3D Fly through (2022)

Qualifying: No race qualifying needed. Minimum 16yrs age (with parent/guardian consent) unless by exception; contact run director.

Mandatory gear list


No, but have a good look at the maps and course description to assess if you’re up for the challenge of taking on a leg. If you’d like to know more about trail running before signing up, join the Hobart Trail Runners and come out to a few social runs. The friendly crew has heaps of knowledge to share! www.kunanyiTrailSeries.com.au run a series of four 5-20km events over the year and is a great intro to trail running events on kunanyi as well as a serious challenge for more experienced trail runners wanting to push the pace.

Yes, there is minimum age of 16yrs on race day, unless by exception on application and with a medical certificate, best to contact register@kunanyimountain.run to discuss early

No, go for it!

Cut off times are designed to be fair and reasonable for all including slower runners. If your departure from the aid station is after the cut off time, you (and your team) will unfortunately be unable to continue in the event for safety reasons. Please see logistics section on this page for cut off times.

Yes, for strong walkers who avoid stopping excessively, it should be reasonably possible to complete in the cut off time of 12hrs.

Yes absolutely! We care about your safety and this mandatory gear will help you survive in the unlikely event of requiring a rescue.

kunanyi pinnacle is typically 10 degrees cooler than the city.

Junction Cabin is a great place for your family and friends to go for a walk to immerse in the slopes of kunanyi themselves and cheer you on. We recommend they walk up from the end of Lenah Valley road or across from the Springs. Much of the course is not accessible by vehicle and some of the aid stations are along narrow roads with limited parking available. However Fern Tree aid station is accessible for support crew.

No, there are toilets at the runHub and each aid station to use. If you must go to the toilet on course, leave your run pack on the side of the track so sweepers do not leave you behind, dig a 15cm deep hole and fully bury, or carry out all waste.

Water, electrolytes, fruit, lollies, salty snacks, toilets, first aid, sunscreen, phone charging, and of course, friendly volunteers!

Statistically, March is pretty much the most stable weather month of the year. But this is Tassie, and every few years or so it does snow on kunanyi on Christmas day - so be prepared for wild weather! The mandatory gear is specified for your safety. We will be providing some more guidance prior to the event on when and why to use the mandatory gear to keep you as safe as possible. We also have a professional wilderness event medical and emergency response team and first aiders at all aid stations and roving on course to assist you if required. There are extreme weather circumstances which would postpone the event, eg, extreme or catastrophic bushfire danger (Wellington Park is then completely closed to everyone), or Severe Weather Warning for damaging winds – no one wants a tree falling on them. Emergency services will be involved in all such decisions, and you will be notified at earliest opportunity of any course changes, or event postponements – which may be very late notice.

Not likely, and how cool is running in snow! Even if is a blizzard at the pinnacle, it’s likely that the runs will still go ahead, but would likely be re-routed to avoid alpine areas, and you will be notified at earliest opportunity of any changes.

If you need more info to enable you to register then please let us know! If you would like more info to prepare for your kunanyi run, we will be producing a detailed Festival Booklet Feb 2023 – if your question can’t wait that long then no worries, go ahead and reach out here!

Course map

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